32 year old female underwent an emergency C-section, complicated by an intestinal perforation, sepsis, a large pelvic abscess, and a UTI. Admitted, started by Surgeon on Zosyn and fluconazole.ID telemedicine consultation obtained, reviewed culture data from abscess and urine, and consolidated and de-escalated antibiotics to oral levofloxacin and oral metronidazole and stopping fluconazole. Patient was spared 7-10 days of IV Zosyn, as well as 3 days of hospitalization.
Estimated cost of avoided hospitalization

    • (estimated 3-day length of stay)Hospitalization  $7,800
    • Zosyn dosed 4 times per day x 12 days  $2,940
    • Peripherally inserted central venous catheter for IV antibiotics (PICC)$1,800  $1,800
  • Total Charges $12,540

Saved over $12,540 with nodMD Infectious Disease Consult via Telemedicine, Spared Patient and Facility Costly Hospitalization

  • Total Charges $0
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Saved $12,540