How Effective is your Facility Infection Prevention?

No one should catch an infection while receiving healthcare. HAIs can be prevented by as much as 50% with proper IPC protocols. We’re here to support you in resolving gaps in your Infection Prevention Program. Our trained experts are committed to guiding and monitoring your facility’s health and well-being.

We can Help your IPC Program Succeed

Strengthen your IPC Program

Our experience with healthcare facilities over the years revealed key painpoints preventing facilities from operating a “best practices” IPC program. Our cost effective solutions help facilities upgrade their infection prevention programs with a positive return on investment.

Painpoints Solutions
Competing Priorities Dedicated IP team focused on your IPC needs
Staff Turnover and Retraining Robust onboarding training for your new staff
Tracking Data IPC Program results are compared to industry standards to pomote best practices
Up-to-date Knowledge Our IPC experts keep on top of the latest infection prevention knowledge and train your staff
Accreditation Preparation Our subject matter experts quickly prepare your facility for accredidation
Saving Money/ROI/Cost Savings Our team is knowledgeable in reducing HAIs, which saves your facility money each year

Compare your Industry Knowledge

How well do you know the infection prevention industry?


Take our short Industry Knowledge Assessment (10 questions) to gauge your general knowledge of the infection prevention industry.


A general leadership principle is to understand a problem before trying to fix it. The purpose of this assessment is to help you connect with the most up-to-date industry statistics to help them guide your IPC efforts.

After you complete this quiz we will email your industry standards score.

Our Infection Prevention Resources

Download our resources here to see how we can help your facility achieve effective Infection Prevention solutions.

Meet Megan

Director, Infection Prevention Program

Megan Crosser, MPH, CIC, is an experienced program director in the field of Infection Prevention and Control with extensive experience in the hospital and healthcare industry. Her career includes clinical research, patient safety, infection control, statistics and healthcare management. Megan’s educational background includes a Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) focused in Epidemiology from Benedictine University.

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