Infection Prevention Services Customized for Your Needs

We don’t belive in a “one-size fits all” mentality. Our team designs a program specific to your facility’s needs. It all starts with assessing current protocols and procedures and ends with delivering a comprehensive IPC plan that will generate success for your facility.

Policy Procedures

Written documentation of standardized practices specific to your facility. Adopt best practices to lower infections.


Train & onboard new IPC staff with the latest protocols. Reduce turnover and increase staff productivity.

Regulatory Preparedness

Prepare audits for your facility’s accreditation. Accelerate audit preparation, improve accuracy.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Set benchmarks to gauge your infection prevention programs effectiveness. Improve IP performance by comparing to industry standards.

Infection Prevention Staff Guidance

You’re not alone, our dedicated ID staff works with you at every step. Our subject matter experts counsel to improve IP strategies.

Pandemic Preparedness & Control

Up-to-date policies and procedures for mass outbreaks. Reduce facility infections.

Construction Planning

Identify hazards, decide who might be harmed & evaluate risks. Reduce facility infections.

Staff & Patient Education

Keep your staff and patients up-to-date with the latest knowledge. Save time by relying on our experts to keep you informed.

Disease Surveillance

Monitor changes in infectious agents and determine IPC effectiveness. Reduce facility infections.

Infection Control Risk Assessment

Discover gaps in your IPC program with a risk assessment. Increase your IPC return on investment.

Sterile Processing & High Level Disinfection

Reduce errors in these high risk processes working with our trained staff.

Small Changes, Big Impacts

Take your infection prevention program from “okay” to “exceptional” by partnering with our expert IPC team to achieve best practices for IPC standards, accreddidation and benchmarks. We help your facility to identify and address IPC gaps to attain success.


A few of the “Big Impacts” include:

Improve safety

Increase your ROI

Train teams effectively

Enhanced processes

Compare your Industry Knowledge

How well do you know the infection prevention industry?


Take our short Industry Knowledge Assessment (10 questions) to gauge your general knowledge of the infection prevention industry.


A general leadership principle is to understand a problem before trying to fix it. The purpose of this assessment is to help you connect with the most up-to-date industry statistics to help them guide your IPC efforts.


After you complete this quiz we will email your industry standards score.

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