Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections
Can Save You Money Each Year

Every day, an average of 1 in 25 hospital patients around the United States contracts at least one healthcare associated infection (HAI), according to the CDC. There are many different HAIs, such as pneumonia, surgical site infections, MRSA, and more. Approximately 100,000 people die each year from HAIs from over 700,000 reported annual HAIs. Ensuring your facility has an efficient infection prevention program to prevent the spread of any infections, is more important than ever, not for just your patients’ health, but for your facility to meet CMS guidelines for Medicare reimbursement.

Negative Financial Impact of HAIs

Multiple areas prone to impact your facilities finances due to healthcare associated infections. Implementing IPC best practices help facilities generate a positive return on IPC investment, by safeguarding the organization from the following:

Group 700

Staff turnover, excess costs for IPC products

Penalties, fines and lawsuits

Compromised reputation lowers facility revenue

Increased patient length-of-stay

Low survey scores (patient experience, staff safety culture)

Costs to mitigate community relations (marketing initiatives)

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