Kamal Sumar, MD, MBA, CPE

Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Meet Kamal

I was born and raised in Mumbai, India where I attended Medical School/Residency and worked as a pediatrician before moving to the US. In addition to my clinical background, I have completed a Healthcare MBA from George Washington University, Health IT certified and a Certified Physician Executive from American Academy of Physician Leadership. My background of being trained as a physician and the training and transition to my current field of Clinical Informatics puts me in a unique
position where I can use the knowledge of Clinical Medicine and use Data and Technology to improve patient care and clinical outcomes. I am a passionate leader and enjoy building and working with teams aligned with the mission to provide high quality equitable care.

I enjoy the field of Clinical Informatics and the value of Data in Clinical Transformation. I have a passion for building Value based Care programs and Data driven practice transformation to help clinicians be proactive in this journey. I have extensive experience around managing Health Information Systems, Clinical Data Analytics, Research Informatics, Clinical Outcomes, Value Based Programs including
analyzing, designing and implementing systems to improve patient care and Quality outcomes.

I am married and a proud mother of three ages 19,17,12. I enjoy cooking particularly Indian food (traditional and fusion), traveling and spending time with my family.

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Kamal Sumar MD, M.B.A, C.P.E