Technology Innovators Ranks nodMD As Top 20 Telemedicine Innovator

“Telemedicine is an essential tool for physicians and healthcare providers to provide care and treatment using telecommunication technology.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, but credit where credit’s due: This is the opening to Technology Innovators magazine’s top 20 Innovators in Telemedicine of 2020 list. Included in this prestigious ranking is Nod Innovations CEO Dr. Madhu K Murthy, MD. We are honored and humbled to be named amongst some biggest powerhouses in the industry, like Teladoc, Doctor on Demand, and Zipnosis.

The article calls out the many, and rapid advances in telemedicine in recent years. It rightly notes that what was once an expensive, costly service primarily geared toward connecting with rural patients has become much more broadly used. The proliferation of smartphones and their accompanying video technology has further fueled the growth.

“Today, [telemedicine] is an inevitable healthcare tool that demands more digital innovation with the unprecedented global energy of COVID-19 on the rise,” the article says. “With such widespread and devastating consequences of the pandemic, it is of remarkable importance that telemedicine and the exchange of medical knowledge and experiences also have no limit.”
Dr. Murthy states, “Specialists are a vital part of quality care, and we truly want Nod to be that conduit that connects patients to the specialists they need. We want to make a real difference for patients. “

The rankings are a fascinating window into the growth and evolution of telehealth. Nod is thrilled to be keeping such good company.
You can view the article on Nod here or see the read the full magazine.