You might want to hire someone in-house, or you might decide to outsource this task to a reliable technology partner like Altigee. Here’s a recap of the average JavaScript developer salary in the US, based on the data above. Read on to discover the state of the market and how you can reduce the JavaScript developer’s salary you have to pay without compromising on the security of your code. An average German JS developer’s salary is about $100k (or €79k) per annum, according to SalaryExpert.

average javascript developer salary

Only apply to jobs that you think are interesting and that you would take if you got the offer. You can now go back to the portfolio site that you built and update it with all of your new projects. You can then use your new JavaScript skills to add interaction to the page.

Salary and Compensation Comparison By Gender / Javascript Developer / United States

Naturally, not all JavaScript developers are equal, and skills and background also affect salaries. We take documentation so we can create the user experience for developers to create new features.. If your company is growing at a blistering pace and you can’t find employees, get in contact with us at Newxel. We can set up a dedicated development team within the blink of an eye.

JavaScript is the seventh most used programming language, according to the TIOBE index, and it is used in constructing several major platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Try our professional compensation software to generate detailed salary and cost of living reports. According to PayScale, the average AngularJS developer salary stands at $71,746 per year.

North American gross JavaScript developer salaries

Another factor that reinforces this perfect match is cultural similarities. Software developers from Eastern Europe follow a western-inspired work ethic that values responsibility and hard work. According to Developer Nation, in Q there were approximately 16.5M developers who used JavaScript.

The main reason is that JS is the language primarily used for website development. For instance, on Indeed there are more than 40,000 vacancies for software developers who know JavaScript in the USA. Eastern Europe is another javascript developer salary location with a developed tech infrastructure in such countries as Poland, Ukraine, and Romania. These regions are very popular among tech companies for opening their IT hubs, especially Warsaw, Kyiv, Lviv, and Bucharest.

best-paying cities for Javascript Developer

In the capital city Warsaw the JavaScript software engineer salary is slightly higher. If you decide to hire a junior specialist, it will cost $39K per year. Hiring a mid-level developer in Warsaw is about $45K, while senior is $50K. Being one of the most demanded languages, more and more tech specialists worldwide equip themselves with JavaScript, opening the way for professional growth.

average javascript developer salary

There are loads of courses and tutorials for learning jQuery, but I still love the freeCodeCamp lesson. You probably won’t get an interview and job offer in the first week of applying for jobs. You might not get an interview in the first month, but this gives you time to improve. My first two jobs came from recruiters asking about a job that wasn’t suited to me, but they had another job that was perfect.

Find out what the average Javascript Developer salary is

The sooner you get your first job, the sooner you get the boost of practicing coding every day, having the support of senior developers, and the bonus of getting paid. The base salary for a careers like Javascript Developer in United States ranges from 45,600 USD to 66,100 USD. The base salary depends on many factors including experience and education. It is not easy to provide a figure with very little information, so take this range with a grain of salt. Software developers with 5 or more years of experience in India could command an average annual salary ranging from approximately 10 to 30 lakh INR or even higher. The typical income for a software developer at Google in India typically falls within the range of (15 to 25 lakhs) per annum.

You’re just a few clicks away from setting up your software development team or even your own R&D center with Newxel. An average full-stack JavaScript developer has a salary that ranges from $87,750 to $142,168 annually in any part of the US. A JS developer can earn $90,788 (or €77,178) per annum on average in the Netherlands. Have you ever wondered how much Javascript developers can earn in Sweden? CareerFoundry is an online school for people looking to switch to a rewarding career in tech.

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The average javascript developer gross salary in United States is $114,963 or an equivalent hourly rate of $55. Salary estimates based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in United States. An entry level javascript developer (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of $81,868. On the other end, a senior level javascript developer (8+ years of experience) earns an average salary of $142,217. The demand, in turn, is conducive to JavaScript developers worldwide, as there are more and more vacancies.

A lot of developers talk about how awful recruiters are, but we need to make sure to utilise them. Whenever you speak to a recruiter, make sure to be respectful and polite. If they ask you about jobs that are way above or below your desired job, thank them and decline but remind them of the type of job you are looking for. They know what the company wants, often have jobs that aren’t on job boards, and they want you to get the job… that’s how they get paid. This may seem wrong, but you should apply to jobs where you can meet 80% (or more) of the requirements. You can always point out that as a self taught developer, you will likely pick up the other requirements faster than most other people.

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Moreover, it is the most popular language hiring managers look for in candidates globally. Alongside user interface expertise, front-end web developers are usually expected to have solid expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Developers specializing in the latter are especially hard to find.